The July edition of Property Focus is here!

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In the July edition of this monthly newsletter for home owners as well as buyers and seller, we focus on

  • How to add value to your kitchen
  • Save on winter warming costs

Download a copy here


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How to: Add value in the kitchen (LMHC)

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Kitchens are widely touted as a room of a house that can add value when it comes to selling your property. But not all kitchens are created equal. What can you do to yours to catch a potential buyer’s eye and persuade them to make a good offer?

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WA Scoops the Podium at National Awards!

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Last month saw the Landmark Harcourts network join together over three days to be educated and inspired by a range of industry speakers at the 2017 Harcourts Conference. It was also a time for our network to celebrate success as the Harcourts group marked its 20th anniversary in Australia with a brilliant awards evening to finish off the event.


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Renting? What To Expect At a Property Inspection

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If you’re renting a property, chances are you are faced with fairly regular property inspections by either your landlord or property manager. Sure, these inspections can sometimes be a hassle, but there are steps you can take to minimise the stress on you and make sure the inspection goes smoothly.

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5 Tips to Sell Your Home in Winter

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Are you listing your property for sale this winter? Then you may have heard it can be a more difficult time to sell, and while this can sometimes be true with fewer house-hunters out and about at open homes, there are also several advantages to selling in winter. 


One of the biggest advantages your property will have is a lack of competition from other similar properties on the market compared with busier selling periods like spring. With this in mind, it’s still important to make sure your property is the best presented one for those circling which properties to brave the cold and visit during the cooler seasons.


Here we take a look at the top five ways to help your home sell in winter.

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How To Get Started in Property Investment

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When it comes to building a retirement nest egg for the future, property is still viewed as one of the safest long-term investments.


 If you haven’t dipped your toe into property investment yet, you may be wondering about how to get started and there’s no doubt it can be a bit of a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! 


There are a few strategies you can go with and what you end up pursuing really depends on what you’re looking for. 

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Keep Your Garden Beautiful All Year Long

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When we think of the winter garden we mightn’t be thinking of beautiful blooms and splashes of colour. But one of the best parts of living in a country with fairly mild winters is there a huge array of annual plants and flowers that bloom in the cooler months. Needing only a bit of extra watering and a little more attention in summer, these plants can actually be a part of your garden all year round.

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10 Signs You Live in a Truly Special Area

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It’s true that what makes a great area to live in differs from person to person, but all great places do share some common factors that are universally appealing. Here we explore 10 signs the area you live in (or would like to live in) is truly special.


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Smart Tips for Successful Buyers

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Whether you’re looking for your first property or thinking about an investment property or holiday home, the following steps will help you achieve a successful result.


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To Buy First, or Not?

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With differing advice from various industry experts and well-meaning family friends, it is easy to become confused about the best way to go about changing residences. The big question is whether to buy or sell first.


A lot of course depends on your own circumstances, for example whether you are buying and selling in the same area, or whether you are moving to a whole new area. So, to help you make your final decision, consider the following factors carefully and how they affect your specific situation.



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