How To Get Started in Property Investment

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When it comes to building a retirement nest egg for the future, property is still viewed as one of the safest long-term investments.


 If you haven’t dipped your toe into property investment yet, you may be wondering about how to get started and there’s no doubt it can be a bit of a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be! 


There are a few strategies you can go with and what you end up pursuing really depends on what you’re looking for. 

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Smart Tips for Successful Buyers

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Whether you’re looking for your first property or thinking about an investment property or holiday home, the following steps will help you achieve a successful result.


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To Buy First, or Not?

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With differing advice from various industry experts and well-meaning family friends, it is easy to become confused about the best way to go about changing residences. The big question is whether to buy or sell first.


A lot of course depends on your own circumstances, for example whether you are buying and selling in the same area, or whether you are moving to a whole new area. So, to help you make your final decision, consider the following factors carefully and how they affect your specific situation.



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Should You Buy Or Sell Your Property First?

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Five things to consider before buying a holiday property

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While relaxing and enjoying good times at your favourite holiday location, you stroll past the local real estate agent’s window and browse the offerings.

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May's edition of Property Focus is out now!

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In our May edition of Property Focus we look at:
* Buying a home? Take four breaths for peace of mind
* What about investing in regional Australia?
* Australia market update - state-by-state.

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Take four breaths for peace of mind

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The property is exactly what you’re looking for at the right price. There are other buyers circling with offers, and you feel an urgency to do something or miss out.

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March's edition of Property Focus is out now!

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In our March 2016 edition of Property Focus we look at:

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Should I buy a house with a granny flat

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You may be one of the thousands across the country who are considering buying a property with a granny flat.

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February's edition of Property Focus is out now!

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In our February edition of Property Focus we look at:


  • Cutting through the clutter, we look at why 2016 is a great year to look at buying property
  • House or unit - what are the pros and cons of buying an apartment as your home.
  • Market Facts - what's happening with rural properties.


Click here to download your copy.

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