16 great tips for moving house with kids

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Moving house with kids can be stressful for everyone, but particularly young children, especially if they’ve previously only known one home. But with a little foresight, planning and some good old distraction techniques moving to a new home need not be traumatic.


We've put together out top tips to keep things stress free before and during the big day, as well as some fun ideas to get your family used to the new home.

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Open for inspection: Considerations when buying rural property

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We recently covered some tips to keep in mind when inspecting a house, but rural property can have some unique considerations too. 



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Open for inspection: Making the most of your inspection time

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Open for inspections give you a great first impression of a property and you’ll know almost immediately if it’s one you want to pursue. But that first visit can be much more than a “once over lightly” impression. Thisis how to make sure you’re getting as much information from it as possible.

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Four common myths of mortgagee sales

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Mortgagee sales can represent a great opportunity for the right buyer, in the right market, at the right time. However, the word “mortgagee” on a real estate advertisement doesn’t always equal “fire sale”.
The commonly held view goes something like this: All mortgagee sales go for a song because the bank just wants to get rid of the property as soon as possible to cover the debt.

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