Rentvesting: a property investment strategy

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Consider whether its worth renting for a couple of years so you can buy your dream home.


It’s the latest buzzword in the property industry: Rentvesting. Renting where you want to live, buying where you can afford to. This is becoming increasingly popular amongst younger first home buyers. So what are the benefits of doing this and is it for everyone?




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Preparing your home for extreme weather

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No one wants to find themselves in a situation where they're faced with mounting repair bills because of unforeseen weather events. Weather is completely unpredictable but you can be proactive and take steps to be prepared at this time of year.  


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Celebrating Landmark Harcourts rural and regional property excellence at the Harcourts Australia Annual Awards 2019

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In a national network of over 1,650 sales consultants, a record number of Landmark Harcourts property specialists were ranked within the prestigious Top 100 of the wider Harcourts Australia network.

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Organising Your Garage Like a Pro

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A messy garage is overwhelming, to say the least. After years of accumulating “stuff” a good purge is necessary, especially if you plan to move.

The actual process of purging and organising a garage is simple, yet time consuming. Allow yourself plenty of time – perhaps even an entire weekend to truly go through every item and determine its place.


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How to select a great neighbourhood

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Moving to a new town or city can be overwhelming, particularly if you're trying to choose a neighbourhood to buy a home in. While it’s true that what a great neighbourhood looks like can differ person to person, all great neighbourhoods do share some common factors that are universally appealing. Here we explore 10 signs the neighbourhood you live in (or would like to live in) is a good one.


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Top Tips For Buying Off The Plan

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Buying off the plan is becoming an increasingly popular option for good reason. As well as getting a brand-new home, you’re also buying at a set price and usually only need a small deposit. However, if you do decide to go down this route, it’s vital you go in with your eyes wide open. Here are some of the things you need to think about when buying off the plan.

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Bring your bathroom up to date

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Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home that can add value with some simple changes. Here are some great ideas for bring out the best in your bathroom.  

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Preparing your home interior for sale

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When it comes to selling your property, you must decide what is necessary to repair and what is not. This article exclusively looks at the interior of your property. Much depends on the competition and current market. If the competition is intense then preparation should be a vital focus.

If the market in your area is super-hot and houses are selling at high speed, it displays a buyer interest and attraction to the area rather than the finer details. In a sellers’ market it is possible only minor, essential repairs need to be made.


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Finding the right property manager

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Investing in property has long been a popular way for Australians to build wealth. As a long-term investment, it offers several benefits including a number of potential tax advantages that can result from investing in a well-managed property. Let’s take a closer look at these tax advantages.


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Adding value with DIY projects

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Cost is usually a major factor when it comes to any home renovations, and weighing up the cost versus return is an important part of your decision making. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just freshen it up, here are a few low cost projects that you can do yourself to revitalise your home and add value.


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