Meth screening rental properties: a best-practice approach

17-Apr-2018 12:02:00

Meth use is increasing at an alarming rate in Australia and is putting both people and properties at serious risk.

In the rental market, landlords are at risk of having their investments devalued or deemed uninhabitable due to meth contamination. Fixing this can be both costly and time consuming, leaving property owners severely out of pocket and with an unoccupied property on their hands. The only way to ensure a rental property is meth free is with regular screenings, particularly in between tenancies.


How to deal with troublesome tenants

This way any meth residue will be detected early, making remediation less expensive, and will serve as a deterrent to meth use by future tenants.

Meth Screen offers a range of screening services, so landlords can choose the type of screening that most suits their situation. The services are conducted using the NIOSH Method 9111 (methamphetamine on wipes by liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry).

The most affordable way to screen a rental property is by the lab-analysed Base Composite Screen, which involves the collection and analysis of several samples, with results returned within 48 hours.

A regularly screened property receives a ‘certificate of safe living environment’, which is displayed on the property, providing proof it is safe to live in. It will also attract better tenants and serve as a deterrent for future meth use.

Australia has the highest number of meth users per capita in the English-speaking world, with that estimate three times higher now than it was in 2011.

Meth contamination is both invisible and odourless and is absorbed into porous surfaces and soft furnishings. Common side effects include respiratory problems, headaches, eye and skin irritation, sleep disturbance and behavioural problems in children.

When it comes to insurance, not all landlord Insurance policies are the same and may not cover drug decontamination. Decontamination is only covered by some landlord policies, providing you have been professionally screening in-between every tenancy. It is always recommended that you discuss and understand the level of cover, as well as the terms of your cover directly with your insurer.

Making regular screenings a part of the property management process is the most effective way to ensure both the property and tenant are safe.

Meth Screen has partnered with our network to offer a discounted rate of $257 (including GST) per screening, providing a $60 savings. For more information or to book a quote visit

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