Raby Station sale reflects rural strong property market

28-Nov-2017 08:10:23

Raby Station, Warren has been sold to a local consortium of buyers after a successful marketing campaign by Landmark Harcourts rural specialists Phil Rourke and Trevor Wilson.


Raby Station2.jpg

The successful sale of Raby Station reflects the strength in the rural property market, with over 60 enquiries, 17 inspections and 12 contracts issued.


The  Macquarie  Valley  has  a  strong  focus  on  agriculture,  particularly  sheep  and  cattle  breeding and grazing, as well as wheat and cotton growing.


Trevor Wilson and Phil Rourke of Landmark Harcourts, who handled the marketing process, inspections and negotiations on behalf of Hassad Australia, said the number of enquiries and general interest in the property demonstrated the strength of the  market and confidence  being shown in rural agribusiness.


“With commodity prices remaining at historically high rates and low interest rates, enquiry for good quality rural property has increased as the number of available listings have fallen,” Mr Rourke said.


Located in the highly regarded and tightly held Macquarie Valley district of Central Western NSW, just 15km from the township of Warren, ‘Raby Station’ is home to the famous ‘Raby’ Merino Stud which was established in 1898.


Raby Station3.jpgThe property consists of 9,783 hectares (24,175 acres) of mostly near level land, with some minor  undulations  adjacent  to  Crooked  Creek.  It  enjoys  a  long  frontage  to  the  Macquarie  River and included an area of 385ha of developed irrigation country and 2,560ha of dryland cultivation with the balance open native grazing country.


‘Raby Station’ is extremely well watered with access to the Macquarie River, Crooked Creek and  Duck  Creek  Channel  and  its  network  of  tanks,  troughs  and  dams.  General  security  licenses of 1654ML from the Macquarie River and creeks are included in the sale.


The  infrastructure  on  the  property  is  very  well  maintained  and  adequately  services  the property’s various enterprises.


The  purchasers  intend  to  integrate  the  property  into  their  current  operations  growing irrigated  cotton,  dryland  farming  when  seasons  permit  together  with  sheep  and  cattle grazing.

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